Fantasy Report: Issue 05 - July 2020

The mission of Fantasy Report magazine is to explore concept and digital art from around the world. The stunning cover of this issue "The Compass Never Settles" is created by Marcel Mercado, a great & passionate fantasy illustrator! In this issue, you can read his interview, find out his secrets, and how he created this amazing artwork! You will also read interviews with tips from the unique artists: Fang Xinyu, Hoàng Lập / Solan, SiYing Zhao / Tea Me & Terence Cantal. Alexandra Jury is showing us steps from her dazzling artwork "Mischievous Fairy" and of you can also take a sneak-peek from the art of Barbara Lucas, Camillia Peyroux / Gokupo 101 & Melissa Hudson.

Take a look at the sneak peek video of this issue!

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